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“Love our bag, it is great plenty of room and keeps her snug and warm.”


“How was the bag for you? I bought one for my 5year old son who has Dravet Syndrome so occasionally uses a small manual push wheelchair. When the weather became colder it was so hard to keep him warm. He hates blankets over his legs and hates gloves on his hands so his hands were always freezing. But now… he is as cozy as can be. Plenty of room for growth should be need a bigger chair in the future too. He also loves to hide in the hood haha! Great purchase.”

Emma Sullivan

“My nephew loves his KozyFozy bag, it keeps him warm and cosy and he can hide away and feel safe and secure if he needs to as he has autism. Great for school run and easy to get in and out of. What a fabulous idea!! Thank you!!”

Kate Tero

“It fits my 12 year old grandson perfectly with ample room for growth. He can have his feet out of the bag if his shoes are dirty and he is able to use his iPad while being completely hidden with the hood if he’s feeling vulnerable, Easy to get him in and out too.”


“My daughter loves her Kozy! She gets lots of compliments too.Whilst it keeps her warm and dry, she also loves the fact that she can hide in it when she’s had enough of interacting with people. The material is lovely. Much nicer than the slippery satin finish of a regular sleeping bag. I felt a bit daunted by cutting the holes for the straps myself but they were clearly marked, in the correct place and the right size too. I also like that there are loops at the bottom for shortening the bag which can also be fastened round the bar of her chair. A well thought out, high quality product that’s versatile too.”

Mrs Sarah Burnett

“I bought this bag for my 4.5 year old and I am not disappointed. It fits our special tomato pushchair perfectly with lots of room for growth, this will last many years. My son is now very cosy and protected from the elements when we are out and about. This bag would also suit a teenager or young adult in a wheelchair its a fantastic. Also comes with a carry bag so when not in use it’s easy to carry. The creator has thought this product through.”

Stacey Hutchison

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