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Based in Coventry, Kozyfozy Solutions is a family venture that looks to provide quality, protective pushchair and wheelchair covers for disabled children. Primarily used as wheelchair and pushchair liners, our Kozy Bags are high-quality products that can really change the lives of those that use them. It stops certain places or weather conditions being unreachable and makes every day an adventure! We work to provide our products across the UK, keeping your little one safe, dry, and comfortable, allowing them to enjoy the things they love without disruption! UK wide delivery available.

The liners that we provide are some of the best on the market, with USPs including:

Completely Shower-Proof

Adaptable for Specialists Needs

Ideal for Winter Months

Comfortable and Easy to Fit

Our covers & liners

The KozyFozy wheelchair and pushchair cover is ideal for disabled children and it works well to keep them warm, comfortable, and happy on a cold day. This protective covering is easy to connect to the straps of a pushchair or wheelchair, making it easy to move while keeping your child warm. If your child often feels anxious when exposed, then don’t fear! Our product allows them to be fully immersed to make sure they feel safe!

Prepared to Push on?

Our wheelchair and pushchair liners are available today with uk delivery.

The comfiest, most stylish pushchair liners around.

Providing Comfortable Kozy Bags for Customers across the Whole of the UK.